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The only way that we can achieve our objective is by persuading Parliament to introduce new legislation that will give us the full compensation that was recommended by the Ombudsman in her report "Trusting in the pensions promise".

This means that we have to persuade MPs that we have a worthy cause and that the general public want us to receive proper compensation i.e. the pensions that we have paid for.

You can help us do that in a number of ways, such as those described below.

  1. Get your MP involved
  2. Write to the media
  3. Tell your friends
  4. Read our newsletter
  5. Display a supporting windscreen sticker

Get your MP involved

If you're not sure who she is you can find her online at the Parliament website or at Theyworkforyou where you will also be able to find lots of interesting additional information about how well they are representing you.

You can contact your MP by letter or email. Writing a letter takes longer, but generally has more impact. For every letter they receive, MPs know that there will be a host of friends and relatives (lots of votes!) who you will tell about the outcome, so the effect of your letter is often greater than you might imagine.

The postal address for any MP is:

   House of Commons,
   SW1A 0AA

The email address will be a variation of
So, for instance Fred Blogg's email address would be:

MPs are most responsive when they receive a personal message from a constituent who has a problem. So your letter should give details (as far as you have them) of what you have lost and what the failings of the Government schemes (the Financial Assistance Scheme or the Pension Protection Fund) will mean for you.

If your MP doesn't respond, you can try sending them a message through the Theyworkforyou website. The advantage of this is that they publish the response rate for each MP which can shame some of the less diligent Members into action. And write to your local paper about it - people will want to know if their MP is not looking after her constituents.

MPs also hold regular advice surgeries where you can see them in person to discuss your problem. These are usually publicised in local newspapers, or you can call the MPs constituency office for the details. If there are lots of you affected with the same MP, make an appointment and all go and see her together. This will really get her attention.

Write to the Minister

It is not widely known, but if you write to your MP and ask her to pass your letter on to the responsible minister (currently Angela Eagle) she is obliged to do it, and the minister is obliged to reply. Of course, the reply may well be drafted by civil servants, but most ministers will at least read your letter and the response. This is a matter of self-preservation as the reply will go out in their name and so they have to answer for the contents.

This works best when you have a specific grievance to raise and gives you the satisfaction of knowing that you have raised it in the very heart of Government.

(With thanks to Derek Wyatt MP for his help and advice.)


Write to the media

By contacting as many newspapers, magazines, Radio and TV stations as you can you can really give our campaign a boost.

You can also make sure that you send them your comments in support of our case when they publish articles or programs about pensions and related issues. Making comments is much easier these days as it can often be done by email or if the article is online by using the comment box. The online comments are often especially useful as you may find that you are the only person who has made a comment and all future readers of the article will be able to read your contribution. The media monitor public interest and the more we bring our issues to their attention the more publicity we will get.

There are a number of journalists and publications that have supported our case and your participation can only help this.


Tell your friends

Explaining to your friends and relatives about how we have lost our pensions after promises and assurances from the Government is something that not only interests people but also helps them when they have to make their own decisions regarding savings and retirement.

As many people as possible should be aware how the Government has failed to meets its obligations and the way it is treating people who have worked and saved all their lives. They may also like to help our campaign.

One way to raise awareness is to add a signature message to your emails such as the one below. This would be read by your friends, relatives and colleagues and potentially by many other people on emails which get forwarded.

Please support the Pensions Action Group campaign for full compensation for people who have lost all or part of their pension due to Government mistakes. For details go to www.pensionstheft.org


Read our newsletter

We publish an irregular newsletter which gives details of forthcoming actions, reports on what's been happening in PAG, and updates on developments which affect our campaign and our pensions. You can register to receive an email notification and link to each new issue as it is published by sending a blank email to subscribenews@pensionstheft.org.

We promise that your email address will not be used for any other purpose or shared with any third party and you can unsubscribe any time by sending an email to unsubscribenews@pensionstheft.org

The newsletters are published here, where you will also find all the back issues.


Display a windscreen sticker.

The stickers fit to the inside of the windscreen and do not leave a sticky residue. You can get them from:

Pensions Action Group,
36 Seaside Avenue,
Minster on Sea,
ME12 2NN

The cost is 75p each including postage. Cheques (made payable to Pensions Action Group) or postal orders please.